The Future of Business is Here: MetaDojo and TBLC Collaborate to Explore Next-Generation Web2.5 Solutions

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4 min readMay 8, 2023


MetaDojo, a leading player in the ready-made 3D Designed NFT emerging Metaverse space, is thrilled to announce its strategic partnership with The Beauty Lab Collective (TBLC). This groundbreaking collaboration aims to bridge the gap between Web2.0 and Web3.0 organizations, revolutionizing the way end-users engage with beauty and health products in the virtual realm.

MetaDojo has been at the forefront of the Metaverse movement, envisioning a future where virtual experiences and the use of NFT and tokens seamlessly integrate with the physical world, enhancing customer engagement. Our expertise lies in building immersive environments (known as ‘Dojos’) that foster social interactions, entertainment, as well as e-commerce. By teaming up with TBLC who shares this pioneering vision, MetaDojo is dedicated to unlocking the power of Web3 and bringing Web2.5 solutions to transform how traditional brands interact with the digital-native audience of today and tomorrow.

The Beauty Lab Collective

A New Zealand-based company founded in 2020, TBLC is the proud parent company of six subsidiaries including three manufacturing plants, and employs over 200 dedicated professionals. Their primary focus is the production and distribution of high-quality natural skin and health products. They are devoted to providing consumers all around the world with New Zealand’s pure beauty and health.

For over 30 years, TBLC has been a leader in research and development, refining their expertise in creating natural and organic products that promote holistic well-being. As one of the largest health and beauty companies based in New Zealand, TBLC integrates R&D with manufacturing and sales, taking full control over their products from source to end-users. Their commitment to quality and sustainability is reflected in every step of the process, ensuring that their products meet the highest standards of purity and efficacy. With a deep understanding of the connection between nature and human health, TBLC is dedicated to providing their customers with products that nourish both body and mind.

Web2.5 Solutions

MetaDojo team is working on TBLC’s virtual HQ

Located on the picturesque North Shore of Auckland, New Zealand, TBLC’s headquarters boasts a stunning renovation blueprint designed by the world-renowned Weta Workshop. The new HQ will be home to a world-class experience center, which aims to offer a unique and innovative retail experience that goes beyond the traditional storefront. Over 200 TBLC-affiliated brands will be invited to participate in the center, where consumers can explore and learn about TBLC’s research, development, and production process, as well as test and purchase products.

The MetaDojo team has been commissioned to create a digital twin of TBLC’s physical headquarters in the virtual world. But that is just the beginning. The virtual HQ will be seamlessly integrated into TBLC’s new website and existing e-commerce platforms, blurring the line between the physical and digital worlds. This is a prime use case of bridging the gap between Web2 and Web3, a new frontier of business solutions that we refer to as ‘Web2.5’. With the MetaDojo team’s expertise in immersive environments and TBLC’s commitment to innovation, this project will set a new standard for how businesses engage with customers online, offering a fully-realized and interactive experience that transcends traditional e-commerce.

The Future of Business is Here

The partnership between MetaDojo and TBLC is a significant milestone in the Metaverse to tradition corporates. While brands have been successful at user-generated content and social interactions, Web3.0 introduces decentralized networks and blockchain technology that enable true ownership and seamless digital experiences. By merging MetaDojo’s state-of-the-art Metaverse infrastructure with TBLC’s industry-leading expertise in the beauty and health industries, the partnership aims to create a new paradigm that merges the best of both worlds. This innovative approach has the potential to transform the way traditional businesses interact with customers in the digital age, offering a new level of personalization and engagement that was previously unimaginable.

About MetaDojo

Dojos are versatile and customizable 3D buildings that can be embedded to websites or deployed to metaverses with ease. Inside these purpose-built metaverse buildings, owners can display and trade their NFT collections, promote products and services, reward users for content created or missions completed, host virtual meetings and events, and much more.

Creators are significant contributors to the MetaDojo ecosystem, by turning their valuable skills and experience to professional services and/or NFTs listed in the marketplace.

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