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Welcome to the first cohort of #MACs (MetaDojo Ambassador Candidates)

What are MACs?

MACs are strong believers of the MetaDojo project and who passionately share our vision of assisting Web3 mass adoption by offering Web2-integratable and affordable 3D space.

We welcome our very first cohort of 24 carefully-selected MACs who hail from every corner of the globe. It is a reminder that this is not a competition, but network and community building united for the greater purpose of the metaverse!

Throughout a 3-month program, hopefully all MACs will be able to graduate to be officially recognised as MetaDojo Ambassadors! Ambassadors will play a significant role in adding value to MetaDojo by sharing our vision with more people. They will have the opportunity to be a leader by helping build and engage our community, as well as by proactively providing feedback, input, and suggestions on how to further enhance the product offerings. Furthermore, they will have the fantastic opportunity to network and collaborate with metaverse and crypto enthusiasts all over the world.

Kicking the party off with a group dance!

What Happened at the Party?

🧩 On 30 Jun at 10AM UTC, our MACs gathered online to enter the party held at the Curtained Courtyard Dojo and experienced first-hand a metaverse party.

🧩Multi-player was enabled where an user enters his/her name and chooses the colour of their avatar’s top.

🧩Skybox is greatly enhanced in all our Dojos where users can select Day/Sunset/Night/Moon mode.

🧩Upon entering the Dojo, one can walk through the starlit/sunlit halls of an open-spaced Greek courtyard, while viewing reflections of oneself as they dip their feet in a crystallized wading pool and a centerpiece of a round dance stage. Portal doorways line the hall’s perimeter, and two, in particular, are the purple-ballooned poodles and pink-floaty flamingos! As users step through the portal, interactive lights, neon placeholders framed the walls, and screens fill the display and bounce off the reflective surfaces. Below, a massive water-filled dancefloor bounces the light from a center-stage screen, and numerous corners await to be teleported to and explored.

We know it’s not easy to describe a fun party with words so we are showcasing it with a 3-min video!

Introducing MAC Cohort #1 (July — September 2022)

Here is a brief introduction of our MACs. Follow them to ask about their experience with MetaDojo so far and why they chose to become an ambassador.

⭐️ Gabriel Soares aka DarkIra300 is from Brazil and is part of the Support and Moderation Team of Dice Masters. His passions are meeting new people and learning more about metaverses and having fun during events with his friends. His awesome contribution to MetaDojo is showcasing his content creation in short-video format.

⭐️ Naruto Polkaski aka PolkaskiD is a proud-father and chemistry teacher who lives in Turkey. Aside from completing his Masters in Archeology, he is very involved in the study of Alchemy which spells out two main purposes — immortality and infinite wealth. He is excited about the possibility of the metaverse that has the potential to accomplish both goals. Besides these, he loves making simple memes, drawing cartoons, creating content, writing stories and playing music.

⭐️ Anna Nguyen is from the Cryptoholic team in Vietnam. This is her first-time attending a metaverse party. Even so, she is well-known in her TikTok platform thatchiase. She is a natural in front of the camera. Her team is also taking care of Vietnamese MetaDojo Telegram where it is translated into Vietnamese language.

⭐️Darya Romanovskaya aka DaryaRO is an architect who is living and studying in the Czech Republic. She is passionate about applying her knowledge and contributes to the development of the project. You can see some of her works on Medium, reviewing MetaDojo’s contemporary dojo which she has translated into Russian too. Quoted her saying at the party: “I am interested in the fact that I can transfer my knowledge from reality to the vertical world. I want to work with architecture which is not limited by rules.”

⭐️ GulenOB lives in Turkey and we had the pleasure of meeting her when she hosted our Turkish AMA in April this year. An Industrial Engineer by day and had been in the crypto-space since 2017, Gulen developed her interest in technical analysis. She has a student group of 100 people where each are successful traders. She is currently working with 3 different crypto projects and decided to take a deeper perspective of crypto rather than trading.

⭐️ Vavilen aka Spiral on Discord, he is the moderator of MetaDojo’s unofficial Russian-language Twitter and expertly hosted an AMA session in Russian-language recently. Ever since he has been involved in the crypto-space since 2018, he came about the project and was instantly attracted to MetaDojo’s solutions and great designs!

⭐️guse.eth aka azaza666 is one of your MetaDojo’s Discord Moderators and always on the prowl for spammers and is quick to reply to any queries! Born and bred in Belarus, he now lives a nomadic life in Europe. Why he chose to be part of the wider team is due to the project’s great potential. He is also the co-admin of both Russian Telegram where announcements in Russian Telegram are translated into Russian/Ukrainian/Czech languages. Quoted saying at the party, “I am inspired by architecture, mechanics of the meta universe world and everything connected with crypto.”

Muller aka Dima is from Kyiv, Ukraine and a serial ambassador program participant where he tests their early stage projects, nodes, and explores the metaverse. He believes that the crypto industry in all its manifestations is the future. He is also actively telling everyone to join MetaDojo and become early supporters!

⭐️ Muallimin Biri is an engaging teacher in Turkey and he believes that MetaDojo is an “iceberg and most people haven’t seen what is under the ocean.” He is also an editor at our Turkish Twitter where he announces MetaDojo’s announcements in Turkish language. He has also hosted a Turkish AMA with MetaDojo at his platform on Telegram recently.

⭐️ Vadim Checkorsky aka Alaca in Discord lives in Odessa, Ukraine. He is a Bit.Country and Polkadot alpha-tester, and co-manages and editor of Medium Articles in Russian language. He is not shy to show-off his many talents in writing about the project too!

⭐️ AI CRYPTO aka NiceDay in Discord is a Korean blogger at Metaverse Network. He is also a blockchain investor for 4 years and he believes MetaDojo can be used as a future SNS that can visualize the SNS of the existing text method. He will be hosting his first AMA session with MetaDojo this 14 July on MetaDojo Discord!

⭐️ Soni Febrianto aka Snif is from Jakarta, Indonesia and is a seasoned gamer! His first journey into crypto-space and web3 came from becoming one community manager of a VC in Indonesia. Aside from spending time with family, he is loving the opportunity to be part of the wider team while expanding his learning of web3 and metaverse. He will be editor of our Indonesian Twitter and translate all announcements from MetaDojo’s Tweets into Indonesian language.

⭐️ Mitu has been in the crypto market for 2 years and participates mostly in Decentraland and in Sandbox events. Apart from that, he is also involved in Axie Infinity. He was quoted saying at the party, “I think the metaverse universe is the way of salvation for humanity.

⭐️ SeniorPomidor is a superfan of animated cartoon character fairy tale Chipollino, Kirill is engaged in all kinds of activities in cryptocurrency. Aside from his creation of memes and short -format videos for MetaDojo, he is involved as co-editor at MetaDojo’s Russian Medium. Quoted from him at the party, “It’s great to see great improvements in MetaDojo. I am always glad to meet new people who also love all sorts of crypto-activities.

⭐️ yoshida2 is a blockchain researcher and avid true fan of the Polkadot ecosystem. A well-known Japanese Ambassador of Zenlink, Yoshida2 has been a MetaDojo Supporter since the beginning of this year. He is also our Discord Moderator and currently co-manages Japanese Metadojo Twitter, where he translates all MetaDojo Tweets into Japanese language.

⭐️ Manuel Araque is from Venezuela. He is an Ambassador of Flow Blockchain and has made an active contribution by being a moderator at our Discord Spanish Channel since early June. He is enthusiastic and will be hosting our AMA in both English and Spanish soon.

Kartalyaman aka kriptola is a health student and he is one of the many that showcased his creativity especially in our #MagicSeed event in May. He usually focuses on the strengths or weaknesses of projects. Although he can be seen as a bit shy at the party, he quoted a motivational message to everyone: “I am sure that we will do our best to bring this project to a very good place.”

⭐️ Val Savchuk is a PhD holder and university teacher. Val is most importantly a doting mother to her son. This super lady manages her time in crypto-space by blogging about top crypto and blockchain start-ups projects. Moreover, she writes about blockchain technology fundamentals in her Medium platform.

⭐️ Sarwar Alam Khan is our Telegram Moderator Apprentice and has been doing this since early May. He is a student of Media & Communication Studies in Pakistan. This is his quote about MetaDojo: “What I feel about MetaDojo, is that it is a great metaverse project in which we can build our virtual empire, proper utilization of our virtual land in MetaDojo, Socialization in the MetaDojo which other projects lacks in the market and aims to bridge the gap between web2.0 and web3.0.”

⭐️ MechuL is also a moderator in many platforms of Telegram and Discord for many projects. He is mainly involved in many crypto-space, especially with Cosmos, PolkaDot, Aleo, Metaverse, ecosystems. He has built his community which are Node101 & IndieVal, where these projects aim to teach people how to run a node and other is describing their validation, respectively.

⭐️ exodus-exodus is a formidable force to be reckoned with especially in content creation, be it in short-video format or in Memes. He is known as Angel in some projects thus why the profile on his Twitter has a Spawn-like mask embedded with background Angel wings. His contribution in writing about MetaDojo is on his Medium entitle META DOJO, SİHİRLİ TOHUM ETKİNLİĞİ

⭐️ Eugene aka EA is a student developer doing his thesis about the blockchain. He comes from Czechoslovakia and is passionate about developing new software. He is currently moderating Czech Channel on our Discord.

⭐️ Melih Çetingöz aka Takripto is a Gemini and is one of our meme experts. He is not shy in giving details such as his favourite soccer team Fenerbahce. A full of a conviction quote from Melo at the party: “I cannot be active due to my boring and intense workload in real life, but I am ready to do my best for whatever task is given to me. I look forward to the future of MetaDojo with curiosity and patience.”

⭐️ Takeshi@Think Globally, Act Locally is one of our earliest supporters of MetaDojo. He holds many contributions especially in co-managing Japanese Twitter and Japanese Medium. A suave AMA host too, which he made an impression in the AMA Japanese Discord channel in April this year.

Hope you enjoyed reading about the 24 superstars. Very soon, we are kicking off the 2nd cohort application. Show us your contribution and determination if you are keen to join us as a MAC, on the way to becoming an ambassador!

About MetaDojo

Dojos are versatile and customizable 3D buildings that can be embedded to websites or deployed to metaverses with ease. Inside these purpose-built metaverse buildings, owners can display and trade their NFT collections, promote products and services, reward users for content created or missions completed, host virtual meetings and events, and much more.

Creators are significant contributors to the MetaDojo ecosystem, by turning their valuable skills and experience to professional services and/or NFTs listed in the marketplace.

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