Meta Bloom successfully hosted its first global Web3 summit

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A new way of hosting online conferences

Web 3.0 Disruptors Week

Need a 3D space to run virtual webinars, conferences and expos? Meta Bloom is the place to be! We have seen it at its heights at the Web 3.0 Disruptors Week which MetaDojo had the privilege to be one of the co-hosts. Specifically designed for StarLab Incubator, this Dojo is a journey towards discovering Web3 social interaction!

Throughout the week, many visitors viewed the incredible informative sessions via the summit’s metaverses entrance here. This was also the first time the MetaDojo team put its newly released multiplayer feature to test with a large number of participants.

Feedback about the #Web3DisruptorsWeek was unsurprisingly very positive! A wide range of top-of-mind topics were discussed, for example how to build a responsible Web3 economy, how to invest in Web3, privacy and cybersecurity related issues, financial structure of the metaverse, and female leaders in the sector. If you missed this conference or some of the sessions, don’t panic, you can find all the recordings on MetaDojo’s YouTube channel here. We strongly encourage everyone to listen to them as the speakers come from global and prestigious backgrounds, all with firsthand information and proven expertise in various areas of Web3.

Web 3.0 Disruptors Week Day 1
Web 3.0 Disruptors Week Days 2–3
Web 3.0 Disruptors Week Days 4–5

Echo’s Own Experience

MetaDojo’s CEO & Co-Founder Echo Guo had the privilege to be the moderator of the female disruptors roundtable panel discussion. Here is what she thought of the summit.

Web3.0 Disruptors Week was a huge success! Our community groups were amazed with the high-level speakers, the extensive range of topics covered and the vibrant and in-depth discussions.

Personally, there were two highlights. The Starlabs Incubator team put in lots of effort into organising and coordinating this global Web3 summit. It was a great honour for us to work with them as MetaDojo’s 3D virtual space ‘Meta Bloom’ was chosen as the metaverse conference centre. To those who participated through the metaverse portal, they would have had a rather unique experience of attending an online conference. From the arrival boat ride, to the stunning architecture, to the avatar dancing with others. Many told us it was truly unforgettable! I’m very proud of what the MetaDojo and the Starlabs teams have achieved together!

Secondly, I was the moderator for a roundtable discussion on female Wen3 disruptors. It was fabulous to talk to and hear the experience and opinion of female leaders from various aspects of the industry. One thing we all agreed on strongly — we want to see many many more women entering Web3 and make a difference!

Echo Guo, CEO and Co-Founder of MetaDojo

What’s next?

Yes, there will be yet another new and exciting event coming up toward the end of August! Full details are to be announced but we can reveal that it’s going to be a sensory feast in a brand new Dojo called Meta Pyramids. What’s even better? There will be cool swags waiting for you so make sure you follow our Twitter and stay tuned!

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