🌟 Introducing the Inaugural Cohort of Fambam Ambassador Program!

Fambam (formerly MetaDojo)
3 min readMay 3, 2024


We are beyond excited to introduce the trailblazers of our Ambassador Program, who embody Fambam’s distinctive mission of building the ultimate multi-chain verification system for Web3 native experience and reputation!

A heartfelt thank you goes out to our incredible community for their overwhelming response — we received over 300 applications! Following a purposeful selection process and in-depth interviews, we have handpicked 19 dedicated individuals to champion and amplify the values, mission, and vision of Fambam.

Commencing on May 1st, 2024, over a six-week period, these participants will embark on a journey to fuel Fambam’s expansion through a variety of activities, including content creation, translation, and social media advocacy. These initiatives aim to spotlight Fambam’s significance, inviting more individuals to join us on this exciting and rewarding voyage!

Cohort 1 at a Glance

Where the first cohort participants are based in

Our ambassador candidates hail from diverse backgrounds and professional experiences, each bringing a unique blend of skills, passion, and expertise to the program. Throughout the evaluation process, we noted a strong interest in content creation and community building among the applicants.

Notably, many of our Cohort 1 candidates possess extensive backgrounds in Web3 content creation and community building, expressing their fervent enthusiasm of representing Fambam in their respective regions through both online and in-person events. This rich tapestry of talents promises to infuse our Ambassador Program with dynamism and innovation as we collectively champion Fambam’s mission on a global scale.

Fambam as the Game-Changer in Web3

During the evaluation phase, one of the most striking aspects was the candidates’ perspectives on Fambam and its potential impact on the Web3 landscape. The candidates underscored the importance of having a platform that seamlessly translates their Web3 endeavors into digital assets and verifiable credentials within the expanding framework of blockchain.

Here are a couple of the standout statements from our Cohort 1 candidates during the interviews:

“I plan to go beyond the extra mile in promoting and sharing about Fambam. It’s totally a revolutionary project that not only crosses the borders of Web3 but also connects our adventures in every chain together and creates the bigger picture for us to fully understand our journey as an enthusiast and investor.”

Yoko, Philippines

“Web3 has changed my life completely. I want to do something very special for the people of my country and region as the Fambam representative here in Pakistan.”

Adeel, Pakistan

Paving The Way For Future Growth

As inaugural members of Fambam’s Ambassador Program, the participants in our first cohort will play a pivotal role in shaping the trajectory of Fambam’s success. Their collaboration and collective efforts will not only contribute to our current initiatives but will also lay a robust foundation for the growth and development of future cohorts.

Join us in celebrating the dawn of a new era with our remarkable cohort of Fambam Ambassadors! Stay tuned for the next cohort in June.

About Fambam

Fambam is set out to build the ultimate multi-chain verification system for Web3 native experience and reputation. We are on a mission of transforming wallet transactions to validated reputation, and turning professional experiences into digital assets.

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Fambam (formerly MetaDojo)

Our mission is to create a decentralized platform for on-chain and off-chain experience verification with FOMA node and Msg2Exp protocols.