Introducing MetaDojo Central — MetaDojo’s Brand New Metaverse HQ

Fambam (formerly MetaDojo)
3 min readJan 13, 2023

To begin a new year with a bang, MetaDojo welcomes everyone to visit its brand new metaverse HQ — MetaDojo Central! Click on the link and experience this ground-breaking 3D space, which will soon be launched in the metaverse creation platform Bit.Country.

This mesmerizing architectural wonder is vying for the top spot on the podium as the MetaDojo’s finest example of sophistication and opulence. This is what our Art Director, Meng Gong, said about this grand design.

“MetaDojo Central is a place we’ve wanted to create for a while now. We wanted it to represent the birthing place for all our creative ideas, in particular our Dojo concepts. It is therefore a place that is very sacred and precious, and the concept behind the MetaDojo Central itself is that of a precious crystal with this brilliant shiny material and geometrical facets.

The core of MD Central is created by a horizontal split across this giant crystal, where a vertical opening can be seen above and below. When you tilt your head up, you can see the archive where all our Dojo concepts are stored, and below is where you can jump through to get to the MetaDojo portal via the letter “M” emblem.

This is also the exhibition space where new Dojo designs will be showcased on the sci-fi style display screens. We will also be displaying the 3D models of all new Dojos on the crystal islands floating around. They are joined together via the umbilical-like chords to represent this birthplace concept. Visitors will be able to walk onto them for an initial experience.”

{Top Secret: Get to the centre of the archive and you shall discover the upcoming Kaosland Dojo Collection.

What else is new in MetaDojo?

At MetaDojo, we are committed to driving socialization in the metaverse. One recent feature release is highlighting this direction. Our users can now voice and video chat with others that are online in the same space.

This is how Zac Wang, one of our senior developers, explains this breakthrough.

Voice and video chat allows people to talk to each other in real time, which makes the experience of being in a virtual space more real and immersive with a greater sense of presence.

This can be especially helpful for gamers, who can use voice chat to coordinate with their teammates or make friends in the metaverse.

It also makes it easier for people to communicate and collaborate together in a professional setting.

Watch the video below to understand how you can start getting more out of our Dojo spaces.

About MetaDojo

Dojos are versatile and customizable 3D buildings that can be embedded to websites or deployed to metaverses with ease. Inside these purpose-built metaverse buildings, owners can display and trade their NFT collections, promote products and services, reward users for content created or missions completed, host virtual meetings and events, and much more.

Creators are significant contributors to the MetaDojo ecosystem, by turning their valuable skills and experience to professional services and/or NFTs listed in the marketplace.

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