Introducing Fambam — a Professional Network that Makes Trustless Experiences Possible for the Web3 Family

Fambam (formerly MetaDojo)
5 min readJan 9, 2024


Hello 2024 and Happy New Year to you! We trust you had a rejuvenating break, taking the time to reflect and recharge for the promising year ahead. Over at MetaDojo, we’ve been hard at work, gearing up for an exciting new product launch set to bring immense value to the entire Web3 community.

Have you ever found yourself frustrated by the lack of recognition for your on-chain experiences, such as being a long-term token holder, or your off-chain contributions, like being a dedicated community moderator? From the project management’s perspective, one notable challenge in fostering community growth is that short-term engagement spurred by airdrop campaigns often fails to translate into sustained expansion of the ecosystem.

And that’s precisely the issue we are determined to address.

The Inception


MetaDojo’s journey began two years ago with a clear vision of bridging the gap between Web2 and Web3 worlds. The team initiated this mission by creating ready-to-use and immersive 3D spaces called Dojos. These spaces later evolved into more accessible 2.5D environments, accommodating a wider audience.

Over 50 events have been hosted in these purpose-built virtual spaces, providing a unique metaverse vibe that was widely appreciated by attendees. Through these events, the team gained valuable insights of the web3 community, leading to significant developments.

Like most other Web3 projects, community support holds utmost importance to the success of MetaDojo. Throughout the four cohorts of the Ambassador Program, one thing became crystal clear — while projects need long-term supporters, participants desire to include Web3 activities in their professional portfolios, particularly on the current Web2 platforms.


A road blocker presented itself — the anonymity of most Web3 users poses a challenge in understanding their backgrounds and experiences, which is crucial for effective professional network development. This led to the realization of a pressing need in the Web3 era. Through conversations with various community members, the MetaDojo team recognized the importance of a platform that could allow Web3 users or wallet holders to list all their Web3 native experiences in a trustless format.

Furthermore, such a platform would be invaluable for other Web3 projects involving smart contracts, facilitating the creation of more targeted campaign management, more powerful DAOs, and ultimately more robust decentralized protocols.


From this realization, was born. Designed to provide trustless experiences for the Web3 family, the MetaDojo team envisions as a pivotal ecosystem in upgrading Web3 applications to a new level, enhancing community interaction, collaboration, and overall growth.

Picture a world where anonymous wallets come alive with human-like trustless experiences, creating a rich tapestry of digital interactions. This is not just a future of technology, but a dynamic ecosystem where a wallet is not just a ledger but tells a unique story, and every participant is part of an interconnected web of authenticity.

What is Fambam?

What does Fambam mean, you might ask. Fambam is a slang word used to refer to family members that never leave your house, but at the same time always have your back. This is how we envision the future of the Web3 world as users connect, collaborate, and create value freely and trustlessly.

In a nutshell, Fambam’s mission is to create a decentralized platform for on-chain and off-chain experience verification, enabling individuals to own and manage their true professional assets in the Web3 era.

Value Propositions

  • To build your Web3 professional network with verified experiences
  • To expand your Web3 professional network by connecting with communities and fellow members

Product Roadmap Alpha

Users can connect a wallet to add experiences, customize their profile and add descriptive information.


Develop Fambam Off-Chain Miner & Aggregator (FOMA) to validate user claimed experiences and activities.

Experiences On-Chain

Creating standards for storing on-chain experience data structure.


Inviting users to participate in FOMA node program to verify and aggregate experience claims and process data on-chain.

P2P Verification

Experiment Human P2P Verification protocol for verifying non-data driven claims.

Ecosystem Expansion

Onboard Web3 projects that utilize trustless experiences.

What’s Next?

We’re in the final stages of refining our light paper and putting the finishing touches on the alpha version of the Fambam platform. Stay tuned as we plan to share more details with our community in the coming weeks.

Additionally, we’re undergoing a rebranding process for MetaDojo’s social media channels to align with this exciting opportunity. Don’t be alarmed if you notice a name change; rest assured, it’s still powered by the same committed MetaDojo team.

Welcome to a vibrant new era of decentralization, ridden with possibilities and adventures based trustless experiences that Fambam will bring to the Web3 family!

About Fambam

Fambam’s mission is to create a decentralized platform for on-chain and off-chain experience verification, enabling individuals to own and manage their true professional assets in the Web3 era.

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Fambam (formerly MetaDojo)

Our mission is to create a decentralized platform for on-chain and off-chain experience verification with FOMA node and Msg2Exp protocols.