Heading into the Year of the Dragon with a Solid Model of Professional Experience Monetization

Fambam (formerly MetaDojo)
4 min readFeb 12, 2024


As the Lunar New Year is being celebrated across many Asian communities, Fambam extends best wishes to all our community members. May the Year of the Dragon bring you and loved ones abundant blessings, strength, prosperity, and good fortune! May Fambam be a big part of your success this year!

What problem is Fambam set out to solve?

Fambam recognizes the pressing need for reliable aggregation, verification, and ultimately monetization mechanisms in the realm of professional networking. This may not have been feasible in the past, however, as we embrace the era of Web3, decentralization introduces many exciting innovation opportunities.

The anonymity inherent in Web3 presents considerable challenges in assessing the professional backgrounds of users, impeding the establishment of trust and hindering effective collaboration. Moreover, current professional platforms often grapple with the proliferation of fake data, undermining the integrity of user profiles and achievements.

Imagine a world where your experiences as ETH Node Operator is verified, and you are being rewarded for reading messages others send to your profile. How valuable would that be, not just to you, but the sender as well?

Acknowledging the immense value of verified on-chain experiences, Fambam envisions a paradigm shift towards decentralized verification mechanisms. By leveraging blockchain technology, we aim to empower users with verified credentials, facilitating accurate user segmentation and enabling the creation of more robust decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs).


To transform one’s professional experiences to monetization opportunities, the first step is to verify them so they are trustless data. Fambam introduces the FOMA (Fambam Off-chain Miner Aggregator) Node, which serves as a professional experience aggregation and verification protocol. On-chain activities are verified through off-chain miner consensus, and seamlessly turned into ecosystem-specific experiences.

FOMA Node operates on a DePIN (Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks) orientation, harnessing users’ local computing power to optimize performance and efficiency. By decentralizing data storage, FOMA Node affords users full ownership and control over their personal information, safeguarding privacy while promoting transparency and accountability.

Experience Monetization

The Fambam dApp serves as a cross-chain portal for users to access and monetize their verified experiences. By consolidating trustless data from FOMA Node, the Fambam dApp empowers individuals to leverage their expertise in innovative and diverse ways within the Web3 landscape.

For instance, the “Message-to-Experience” functionality enables users to monetize their expertise by offering targeted messages or insights to specific audiences. For example, rewards can be offered to all ETH node operators for reading a personalized message.

Similarly, “Connect-to-Earn” incentivizes users to connect and collaborate. For example, one can choose to offer a reward to connect with those who have held $SOL tokens for over two years, facilitating networking opportunities and fostering connections within the Web3 community.

Open Professional Network

As an open-source network, Fambam provides a robust foundation for the development of innovative social applications within its Open Professional Network. Leveraging its robust verification protocols and decentralized infrastructure, Fambam will enable a diverse range of use cases tailored to meet the evolving needs of users within the Web3 ecosystem, such as SocialFi dApps and community dApps.

Another significantly important application avenue would be campaign and marketing dApps, empowering projects, DAOs and community groups to launch marketing campaigns and promotional initiatives with accurately targeted audiences. By tapping into Fambam’s Open Professional Network, these dApps can effectively reach and engage with relevant user segments based on their verified professional experiences.

Value Propositions


Expect thrilling updates and announcements from the team in the following weeks as Fambam stage one development unfolds.

  • Alpha Launch of Fambam dApp — Users can connect wallets to add experiences, customize profile and add descriptive info
  • Alpha Launch of FOMA Protocol — Develop FOMA to validate user claimed experiences and activities
  • On-Chain Experience — Create standards for storing on-chain experience data structure
  • Develop initial concepts of experience monetization & tokenization

Decentralized verification transforms real-world assets into digital assets. It is time to extend it to professional experiences! Stay tuned for more updates and exciting events (starting with a new cohort of Ambassador Program) as we climb new heights together.

About Fambam

Fambam’s mission is to create a decentralized platform for verification, aggregation, and monetization of individual’s on-chain professional experiences.

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Fambam (formerly MetaDojo)

Our mission is to create a decentralized platform for on-chain and off-chain experience verification with FOMA node and Msg2Exp protocols.