🎊Concluding Ambassador Program Cohort 1 and Getting Ready for Cohort 2

Fambam (formerly MetaDojo)
3 min readJun 21, 2024


As the inaugural cohort of Fambam Ambassador Program officially concludes, we are delighted to announce that the initiative has gone beyond our expectations and vision. Over the course of the six-week program, we received over 160 quest submissions that brought a significant impact to Fambam’s journey, particularly in terms of project awareness and social media engagement. Thanks to all of our passionate Cohort 1 participants, we’ve made it!

Cohort 1: The Pillars of Fambam Ambassador Program

Our genesis cohort played vital roles in driving the growth of Fambam, building an impressive foundation serving as the blueprint for the succeeding cohorts. Not only did the spirit and enthusiasm of the participants propel our initiatives forward, but also have solidified the essence of what it really means to be a Fambam Ambassador.

Throughout the past six weeks, the Cohort 1 members have been a powerful driving force for Fambam, and have excelled beyond expectations in multiple areas, some of which are:

  • Crafting compelling and insightful content, such as videos, articles, and memes, that captivated their audience, bridging information to them with clarity, accuracy, and creativity.
  • Fostering strong communication and community building through social media marketing, inviting and onboarding new users as well as guiding them.
  • Hosting events such as AMA sessions where meaningful information about Fambam were shared and brought up, leveraging the opportunities for both networking and learning.
  • Participating in the closed Fambam Testing phase, where they provided invaluable feedback and suggestions that matter in enhancing and optimizing the platform’s features and user experience as a whole.

First Set of Fambam Ambassadors

We proudly present the nine graduates of our first cohort, who have now emerged as full-pledged Fambam Ambassadors! A diversity of unique talent and passion, these amazingly talented individuals have shown incomparable enthusiasm and commitment to their roles throughout the cohort.

From creating informative and engaging content that transcends barriers and technological asymmetry, to inspiring their audience and helping amplify the ecosystem for Fambam, the Cohort 1 graduates have greatly helped form the community to further foster our core values and mission.

Now that you are Fambam Ambassadors, we look forward to your continuous support for the project. Congratulations and all the best!

The Next Chapter — Announcing the Ambassador Program Cohort 2

Building upon the success of our very first cohort, Fambam is now opening the door for applications into Cohort 2. We are thrilled to welcome a new group of adventurous and talented individuals who are ready to make waves in the Fambam ecosystem, continuing the legacy of dedication and craftsmanship as started by our inaugural cohort.


  • Have a big heart for Web3 and innovation in the space.
  • Have at least basic understanding about what Fambam is building.
  • Proactive and loves networking with people of diverse backgrounds in Web3.
  • Have experience in community building, social media marketing, content creation, or relevant fields (experience in other Ambassador programs is a good-to-have).


  • Distinct role in Discord as recognition
  • One-off $100 USDC incentive upon graduation
  • Exclusive access to Fambam and ambassadors-only events
  • Potential career growth within the Fambam team

If you have what it takes and you are interested in making a difference in the space, grab the chance and apply now through this link. Applications are open until June 30, 2024. Shortlisted applicants will be notified either through email or Telegram.

About Fambam

Fambam is set out to build the ultimate multi-chain verification system for Web3 native experience and reputation. We are on a mission of transforming wallet transactions to validated reputation, and turning professional experiences into digital assets.

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Fambam (formerly MetaDojo)

Our mission is to create a decentralized platform for on-chain and off-chain experience verification with FOMA node and Msg2Exp protocols.